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Rocks vs Sticks Game

Rocks Vs Sticks - Get It On Google Play Rocks vs Sticks is a Board game, although it is usually played by drawing the board on the ground, or any surface like a school desk. The Board has 9 edges, and two players take turn to place their 3 pieces on the edges. After all the 3 pieces of each player are placed, the players move their piece to an adjacent edge in their turn. At any point, whichever player who gets to occupy a row, a column or a diagonal with his 3 pieces wins. The pieces are Rocks for the first player and Sticks for the second (hence the game name). Enjoy!

Tab Remote - Bookmarks Manager, Tab Media Control

Have you connected your laptop to TV using HDMI cable or tab casting for consuming online content, but hassled by the inability to control the media from your couch? This app is for you! You can control your browser tab media from your android phone. Works only in chrome browser. Requires installing companion chrome extension (releasing soon!). Features: 1. Make a named collection of your favorite video urls (e.g. from youtube, or any content provider). 2. Play/pause, mute/un-mute, content in your browser tab - and adjust volume. Coming soon to Google Play Store!